Toad Hill Maple Farm – The Galusha Family’s Sweet Life in Athol

ADIRONDACK Life Magazine, by Persis Granger

Toad Hill Maple Farm has been featured in a “Working” section article written by Persis “Perky” Granger ( in the March/April 07 issue of Adirondack Life Magazine. The article traces the history of Toad Hill Maple Farm from it’s very beginning when Randy and his brother Patrick found some old sap spouts in their father’s barn to it’s production facilities as of 2007. Along the way, Perky shares some of the family stories that will both entertain and educate the reader about the perils and evolution of maple production at Toad Hill.

(*This article was written prior to the construction of our new timber frame sugarhouse)

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Toad Hill Maple Farm